Bruno Kreisky Foundation

for Human Rights

Alfred Ströer (Founding Director)

Alfred Ströer (* December 3, 1920 in Vienna; † August 20, 2011 Vienna) was a resistance fighter against National Socialism, member of the National Council 1966-1972, senior secretary of the ÖGB, long-standing chairman of the Social Democratic freedom fighters and founding director of the Bruno Kreisky Foundation for achievements in human rights. From 1976 until his death he set up the Bruno Kreisky Foundation for Services to Human Rights and managed it on a voluntary basis for more than three decades. In addition to his work for the Bruno Kreisky Foundation for services to human rights, the multi-talented and interested social democrat was on the board of trustees of the Austrian Mauthausen Committee and in the Bruno Kreisky Archive Foundation, as Vice President of the Association for the History of the Labor Movement (VGA) and the documentation archive of the Austrian Resistance (DÖW). From 1981 to 1987, Alfred Ströer was first Chairman of the Management Board and later Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BAWAG.

His clear political stance and his commitment to the international protection of human rights were shaped by his own experience as an underground trade unionist and his political struggle against the Dollfuss dictatorship, then in the active resistance against National Socialism, his Gestapo imprisonment and his wartime experience in the 999th Penal Battalion his conviction for "preparation for high treason" after 1942.

Alfred Ströer helped build the Second Republic after 1945 and had a major influence on it as a trade unionist, financial and social politician and as the person responsible for the trade union bank.
After leaving politics and business, Alfred Ströer was involved as a contemporary witness in countless lectures and discussions to bring the history of National Socialism and the establishment of the Second Republic closer to Austria's youth.

Alfred Ströer has received numerous honors, including the Grand Decoration of Honor in Silver and Gold for services to the Republic of Austria, awards from the federal states of Lower Austria, Burgenland, Salzburg, Carinthia and Vienna, and the Professor Dr. Julius Tandler Gold Medal. In 2000 he was awarded the title of professor by the Federal President. He was an honorary citizen of the municipality of Purkersdorf.

Alfred Ströer published a number of publications on trade union and historical topics, as well as a biography about him by Wilhelm Toth entitled: "From the People's Court to the trade union leadership".