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May 20th 2011
"On Dealing with Trauma Victims". Guest: Klaus Ottomeyer. Moderator: Rainer Rosenberg. Calls free of charge from all over Austria on 0800 22 69 79
Rainer Rosenberg's guest is Klaus Ottomeyer, Professor of Social Psychology in Klagenfurt and Head of the independent research and counseling center for trauma victims "Aspis".

He accepted the Bruno Kreisky Prize for services to human rights for Aspis in the Vienna Musikverein in the evening – together with four other prizewinners.

When dealing with traumatized people, says the social psychologist, we use two different standards: Victims of abuse and family violence, but also of major events such as natural disasters, receive professional and comprehensive therapeutic support in Europe, if they want it.

The often severely traumatized refugees and politically persecuted people, on the other hand, are grossly neglected and often even traumatized again.

In a new book, Klaus Ottomeyer formulates therapeutic and interpersonal standards for dealing with traumatized people, regardless of the place and type of traumatization.