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Österreichisches Netzwerk gegen Armut / Austrian Network against Poverty (Austria)

The “Austrian Network against Poverty” is an organization which strives to unite NGO’s within Austria to fight against poverty.

They held their first conference on the 15th of March, 1996 in Salzburg. Welfare and church organizations, educational institutions, and a large variety of other groups attended this conference. The “Austrian Network against Poverty” is itself an NGO which is connected with the European Anti Poverty Network (or EAPN). They refer to themselves as a lobbying group for those who can’t lobby. To some extent they are also a research institution, and through collecting data, facts, and strategies of reducing poverty they hope to lobby more successfully. Ultimately, their goal is to include poverty on the “agenda of the EU policymakers.” They have a few publications that highlight their efforts, such as their documentation of their latest conference.