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for Human Rights

Vian Dakhil (Iraq)

Being the only Yazidi female member of the Iraqi Parliament, Vian Dakhil is a wholeheartedly dedicated advocate campaigning for the safety of Yazidis, an ethno-religious group concentrated in the Northwest of Iraq. Vian Dakhil as a world-renowned activist courageously stands up against genocidal activities in which the Islamic State is targeting the Yazidi minority, calling for worldwide assistance to protect those under ISIL captivity. Day by day, through multiple actions, Vian Dakhil adds strength to the whispering voices of captivated Yazidi women and girls, enhancing their efforts to escape back to their homes. This notable representative of the Yazidi minority has been unstoppable in her attempts to bring the dramatic situation of religious minorities in Iraq to the world's attention, asking for an intervention that would foil the ongoing atrocities. In 2014 for her invaluable contribution to the protection of the Yazidi community, Vian Dakhil received the Anna Politkovskaya Award.