Bruno Kreisky Foundation

for Human Rights

2002 | 11. Award Ceremony

September 27th 2002
Ceremonial Hall of the Austrian National Library, Vienna
l. to r.: Alfred Ströer, Peter Kreisky, Heinz Patzelt, Rubina Möhring, Raji Sourani, Ute Bock, Kardinal Franz König, Andrea Eckert, Otto Tausig und Oliver Rathkolb.

„If one wants peace between Israel and the Arab nations, then one must solve the Palestinian problem.“

Bruno Kreisky, Lecture at the American Chamber of Commerce, March 21st 1980.

The Austrian Prize winners of the 11th award ceremony on September 27th 2002 were Cardinal Franz König for his life work for understanding, reconciliation and bridge-building between religions and cultures, and Ute Bock for her uncompromising engagement for migrants in Vienna.

Cardinal Franz König with Ute Bock.
Margit Niederhuber expressing her gratitude to the artists who designed the 11th award ceremony.

The international prizes gave renewed emphasis to the issue of human rights in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Awards went to Israeli journalist Amira Hass and the Palestinian defender of human rights, Raji Sourani and the center which he founded, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza.

Prize winner Raji Sourani with Alfred Ströer.
Rubina Möhring representing Amira Hass at the ceremony.

Amira Hass was able to break through the barriers of conflict and present an understanding of the Palestinian issue to her Israeli readers. Raji Sourani and the Human Rights Center in Gaza have been consistent advocates of human rights under the Israeli occupation and to the Palestinian National Autonomy authorities. Raji Sourani is also one of the most important voices calling the international community to fulfil its obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention and to protect internationally recognized human rights in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Prize Winners and guests of honour at the 11th award ceremony, on the right side host Johanna Rachinger, Director General of the Austrian National Library, and Kardinal König.

Heinz Patzelt, Secretary General of Amnesty International Austria, gave the laudatory address for the prize winners.