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for Human Rights

Amira Hass (Israel/Palestine)

Amira Hass was born in Jerusalem in 1956, and is an Israeli journalist. She studied history in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. After working as a teacher she began her journalism career in 1989 as an editor of „Ha’ aretz.“ Since 1991 she has focused on the situation in Palestinian zones. In the early 90s she documented the lives of people in Palestinian zones in Israel for „Ha’ aretz.“ She continued her work despite the dangers, and received criticism from both sides.

Amira Hass is the first and only Israeli journalist who lives in Palestinian territory. In 1993 after the signing of the Israeli-Palestinian agreement she moved to Gaza, and afterwards moved to Ramallah in the West Bank. Despite all of the Israeli and Palestinian authorities’ restrictions Hass continues to publish reports on the daily life and problems of the Palestinians. She has been pressured from both sides for her independent and critical reporting on political topics.

Amira Hass has shown courage and maintained her professionalism despite the obstacles she has faced. She has kept true to her goal of reporting the truth about life in Palestinian territory. She has received several awards for her commitment to her job, and her independence, as well as the courage she has shown. With her reporting she has been able to break through the social barriers caused by conflict.

In 2002 she was awarded the Bruno Kreisky Prize for these qualities. Hass also won the UNESCO Guillermo Cano World Press’ Freedom Prize in 2003.