Bruno Kreisky Foundation

for Human Rights

Jovan Mirilio (Serbia)

Jovan Mirilo is from Sid in Vojvodina, Serbia. He copied a video of his own accord, which showed the murder of approximately 8,000 Bosnian Muslims by Serbian soldiers in Srebrenica. The video made it to all the way to the War Crimes’ Tribunal of the Haag.
Through the publication of the „Srebrenica Video,“ which showed the 1995 massacre of Srebrenica by the Serbian para-military, Mirilo began a public discourse. It was important to him to start an internal discussion and reflection among the Serbian community. Simultaneously, Mirilo and his family received death threats and were violently threatened in Serbia due to his video. As a result he fled with them to Austria.

Jovan Mirilo, Winner of the Bruno Kreisky Prize in 2007, had to fight to not be deported back to Serbia. He fears that his return to Serbia would certainly result in his death. In February of 2010, the Austrian government decided that Mirilo could stay in Austria with his family while his case for asylum is decided upon.