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Shalom Alaikum - Jewish Aid for Refugees (Austria)

In its work “Shalom Alaikum – Jewish Aid for Refugees” – set up by a group of committed Jewish women in autumn 2015 – follows the principle enshrined in the Thora: “Love thy neighbor as thyself” (Lev. 19.18b). The small team of volunteers is in close everyday contacts with refugee families and assists them for longer periods of time. Donations are used 100% for the benefit of refugees, as the board members provide the necessary infrastructure free of charge. People who were deprived of their homes and families and often have nothing left but their human dignity, need counselling, consolation and support. We help them as our equals by giving them intensive, individual care and support for their families and their life in society so that they can resume their own lives in dignity. We are not only their helpers but also their persons of trust. The fate of our families due to the NS power take-over in March 1938 motivated us to take this initiative: One country after the other closed its borders to Jewish refugees. We are the grand-children of that generation and know how grateful our families were to all those persons who helped them to survive. With this Jewish background Shalom Alaikum advocates humanity, justice and the coexistence of religions. We want to give to refugees whatever they need and seek urgently: To be welcome in our society.