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for Human Rights

Amal Fathy (Egypt)

Amal Fathy is a member of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (ECRF), which is a civil-society organization that documents cases of torture, deportation and killings without judicial proceedings in Egypt. In May 2018 she published a video on her Facebook page in which she decried the sexual harassment to which she had been exposed on that day and the passive way in which the government deals with such incidents, as well as the deteriorating living conditions and the poor human-rights situation in Egypt. In consequence, she was arrested, kept in pre-trial detention for eight months and interrogated. Her video served as a basis for charging her with “spreading fake news to upset national security” and for publishing an „indecent video“. In court, Amal Fathy defended the statements which she had made in her video as being true, and she argued that sexual harassments are widely common in Egypt. On 30 December 2018, three days after being released on condition, a two-year prison was imposed on Amal Fathy. She is currently exposed to the risk of being arrested at any time so that the prison term can be enforced.