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SOS fellow human (Austria)

SOS Mitmensch was founded on December 10, 1992. It is a non-partisan, non- confessional organization that is financed through private means. It is comprised of a combination of various institutions and prominent persons. SOS Mitmensch worked as an informal platform for some time before becoming an official organization in 1993. They strive to unite people from many different areas.

Representatives of various political parties, labor unions, religious groups, youth organizations, prisoner and refugee groups, as well as various interest groups are all involved in SOS Mitmensch. At their “sea of lights” event on January 23, 1993 there were over 250,000 participants.

Their ‘common goal’ is to promote coexistence within Austrian society. Their focus has remained on the rights of foreigners in Austria. More specifically, they hope to eliminate xenophobia and create a better socio-political climate for them. They typically organize lectures and publications to be distributed, but in some incidences they help individuals as well.