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for Human Rights

Aria Lova Eliav (Israel)

Arie Lova Eliav was born in 1921 in Moscow, and moved to Palestine with his family in 1924. He studied history and sociology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 1936 he joined the Hagana, and in 1949 became Levi Eshkol’s assistant. He was also in charge of the rescue mission for Jewish people in Port Said in 1956. Two years later Eliav became the first secretary of the Israeli consulate in Moscow. He retained this position until 1960. From 1969 to 1971 he was the General Secretary of the Labor Party, and in 1975 he participated in the newly founded Civil Rights Movement. He is a founding member of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace (1975). He remained politically active into the late eighties. In his career he was committed to human rights and the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. For example, in the mid-eighties he helped realize the exchange of prisoners between Israel and Palestine. He also wrote numerous books and worked as an instructor at the Tel Hai College.

Arie Lova Eliav died in 2010. He received the Israel Prize for his life’s work, in addition to many other awards. He won the Bruno Kreisky Prize in 1979 for his trail- blazing peace initiatives in the realm of Israeli-Palestinian dialogues.