Bruno Kreisky Foundation

for Human Rights

Jewish-Arabic House in Beth Berl (Israel)

In 1984 the Israeli Federation of Trade Unions, Histadrut, created the Jewish-Arabic Institute and House in the Beth Berl area. They hope to better relationships between the Jewish-Arabic communities, and that there organizations will become a platform from which collaboration in other areas will stem. The institute offers seminars, symposiums, interview evenings, as well as courses about the rise of democracy, tolerance, and the coexistence of Jews and Arabs. Additionally, they offer courses on for working adults.

In the institute’s first year a permanent literary quarterly was created and distributed in both Hebraic and Arabic. This bilingual magazine deals with educational and social problems, as well as ideological and political questions.
Likewise, in the early years, a permanent literary quarterly journal, written in Hebrew and Arabic, was published by the Institute. This bilingual magazine dealt with educational and social problems, as well as ideological and political issues.

The necessity for the peaceful development of such an institute is demonstrated by the events that take place daily in such a politically explosive environment. The understanding between various ethnic groups is an important precondition for peace. The institution received the Bruno Kreisky Prize, showing the importance of their work.
The awarding of the Bruno Kreisky Prize for services to human rights should point to the important task of integrating such an institution.