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Menschenrechtskommission von Guatemala / Human Rights Commission of Guatemala - CDHG (Guatemala)

CDHG, a Guatemalan commission for the insurance of human rights, is a private humanitarian organization. They are committed to uphold human rights in Guatemala. In the early eighties the CDHG began to raise public awareness of the situation. The CDHG created a network that made lobbying efforts among international human rights commissions possible.

In the early years of the Commission for Ensuring Human Rights in Guatemala, they had several priorities. The first of which was making the human rights violations of the military known. They also drew attention to the exploitation of the Guatemalan population and the genocide of entire indigenous peoples.

The oppressive way in which Guatemala was ruled during this time period made the activities of the commission significantly harder to accomplish. It also made it impossible to implement their programs on a national scale. As a result of this oppressive governance, the CDHG set up their headquarters in Mexico City in 1981. After thirteen years, in 1995, the Commission for Ensuring Human Rights in Guatemala was finally relocated to Guatemala City.

The CGHG have also been able to prevent the torture, persecution, and death of many people. They have changed the situation in Guatemala through peaceful means, and still remain one of the essential human rights organizations for human rights questions in the country.