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Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen (UNITED STATES)

Raymond G. Hunthausen was born in 1921 in Anaconda, Montana. In 1946 he became a consecrated priest at the Roman Catholic Church in Helena, where he later served from 1962-1975.

In the spring of 1975, Bishop Hunthausen became the archbishop of Seattle. In 1982 Hunthausen’s protest against atomic weapons and US weapons’ politics in general led to the outrage of the military, and conservative Catholics. As a result of the complaints the Vatican’s Cardinal Ratzinger, who later became pope, authorized an investigation.

Hunthausen remained the Archbishop of Seattle until 1991, at which point he reached the age of 70 and retired.

Archbishop Hunthausen was an advocate of US disarmament. He contributed significantly to the letter writing movement between the Catholic Church in the US involving the armament question. He won the Bruno Kreisky Prize in 1984 for his personal commitment to disarmament, and as a show of support for his public efforts.