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Österreichisches Hilfskomitee für Nicaragua / Austrian Aid Committee for Nicaragua (Austria)

The Austrian Aid Committee for Nicaragua was founded in 1983 as a non-partisan aid committee. Until 1991 the Austrian politician Johanna Dohnal was the coordinator of the Austrian Aid Committee for Nicaragua.

The initial goal of the organization was to gain public support for their cause. Public donations went to helping the thousands of people who were evacuated from the San Juan River area, near San Juan, Nicaragua. The Austrian Aid Committee for Nicaragua built schools, kindergartens, and hospitals in the newly created villages.
International support has been crucial for Nicaragua. Free, democratic elections were to be held in November 1984 so that the country could find its way towards a democratic society.

The international support was crucial for Nicaragua. The country was able to begin its transition toward a democratic society. In November 1984 they had their first free, democratic election. In addition to many public personages, the Aid Committee for Nicaragua was among those who took part in the implementation of Caritas’ aid plan.