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Friends of the Chaim Sheba Medical Center Tel Hashomer (Israel)

The Tel Hasomer hospital was created in 1948 in the former British Army Baracks. It was founded to provide regional medical help, as well as research capabilities. By the turn of the century they had become one of the best medical centers of the Middle East. They are impartial in regards to ethnicity, and serve both Jewish and Arabic residents of Israel. Most of their patients are from the Gaza strip. Through their efforts they have helped to created an understanding among the people of Israel, as well as between Israel and its Arabic neighbour states.

The extensive clinical research options offered by the Tel Hasomer hospital has made it famous world wide. The research jobs cover almost all areas of medicine, and the research is shared internationally. Their discoveries in diagnostics and therapy research were especially well received. They offer positions for students of all nationalities, as well as “post graduate” courses. New methods of chemotherapy treatments for leuchemia patients were also discovered. Their findings were used at Chernobyl to treat the radiation victims. The Friends of the Chaim Sheba Medical Center Tel Hasomer are proud of the work of such an exemplary medical center, that continues to offer humanitarian help to the people.