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Gesellschaft für Österreichisch-Arabische Beziehungen / Society for Austrian Arab Relations- SAAR (Austria)

The Society for Austro-Arab Relations was founded on April 13, 1982. The members of the organization determine the board, which is usually made up of a selection of prominent Austrian politicians. After its founding, the number of members grew rapidly and the Society for Austro-Arab Relations currently has over 400 members.
The Society for Austro-Arab Relations was founded on April 13, 1982. The organization members vote for an executive board. It is typically comprised of important Austrian politicians. After its founding the organization quickly grew in size. They currently have over 400 members. Initially they focused on many different areas of interest, but now they have narrowed their efforts to two areas specifically. They work with the „Austrian-Syrian Doctors’ Committee for Medical Collaboration“ as well as an SAAR branch which they founded in Styria, Austria.

The Society’s main purpose is to make information about Arab culture, politics, and economics available to the public of Austria. Ultimately they hope that this exchange of information will help foster an understanding among the Austrian and Arab nations. The organization puts on events and holds talks about relevant topics. Some of their most successful talks include one in March of 1985 about “The Arab States and the European Public.” Over 100 media representatives from around the world took part in this event, which featured a talk by Bruno Kreisky.