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Greenpeace (International Organisation)

„Greenpeace“ is an international organization that was run by David McTaggart at the time of the Kreisky prize ceremony. In the nineties Greenpeace was in 17 countries and had two million members. They don’t accept support from governments or organizations, and are funded entirely by membership dues. Dues typically only run five to ten US dollars per person.

Greenpeace’s aim is to save the environment, and protect nature. All of their undertakings are non-violent. To do so they try and raise awareness of specific issues, as well as directly acting themselves. Greenpeace puts a lot of effort towards preventing nuclear and toxic pollution, as well as the end of atomic bomb testing. Oftentimes bio-hazardous waste is disposed of into the oceans, and Greenpeace tries to draw attention to this. Greenpeace started in 1971, to fight against atomic tests in Alaska. From there they branched out to fighting atomic tests in the rest of the world.

Greenpeace in Austria developed into Greenpeace of Central and East Europe in the year 2000. (