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for Human Rights

Guatemalan human rights organization GAM (Guatemala)

Four women who were concerned with safety within their society founded GAM on May 4, 1984. They were the first independent human rights organization in Guatemala. The 850 families that made up the original organization recorded incidences of more than 1,462 missing persons from 1982 to 1986. There were many tragic incidences of people mysteriously going missing in Guatemala during this time period. The organization members themselves were only protected by the international attention they had drawn.

GAM worked for the rights of habeas corpus, petitions, public statements in newspapers, demonstrations and weekly assemblies in front of the president’s palace. Through contact with the press, human rights organizations and politicians of other countries they were able to spread their message further.

GAM is currently working to catalogue human rights’ violation in Guatemala and each year publish its findings in a report. This information is available to the public, and organized by district. Among the many services they offer, they also provide legal support to victims of human rights violations.