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Committee Cap Anamur (Germany)

This organization became well-known for the amazing actions of the ship bearing the same name. In 1979 it was chartered in the South China Sea and crossed to the coast of Vietnam. During this time period thousands of people fled into South Vietnam and their boats were easy targets for pirates. After stealing their possessions on the boats, the pirates would kill the men and sell the women and children into slavery. In addition to simply warding off pirates with their presence, the Cap Anamur also worked as a hospital-boat. The victims were able to apply for asylum in West Germany while on board.

By the time of the prize ceremony, the Cap Anamur Committee had moved on to running hospitals and orphanages in Africa. Uganda, Sudan, Chad, Somalia, and several other countries in conflict received aid from them. Cap Anamur operates on the principles that they never give money, especially not to the government, and that aid materials they give are directly distributed by them.

They currently have several projects underway in different areas of the world. Most of these projects involve building new hospitals for developing regions. For instance, they are building a hospital, as well as housing for people in Zinedjan, Afghanistan. In Pakistan their organization is giving aid to one region in the form of shelter for people displaced by a flood.