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Yael Dayn (Israel)

Yael Dayn was born in Nahalal near Nazareth in 1939. She studied political science at the Hebrew University and Biology at the Open University in Tel-Aviv. Dayn works as a writer and journalist. She has written six novels that have been translated into fourteen different languages. Her last publication “My Father, his Daughter” describes her own relationship with her father, Mosche Dayan.

Dayan was a member of the Labour Party in the Knesset, but was also engaged in activities outside of the parliament. She was involved in movements such as Peace Now, the Women’s Network for Peace, and the International Center for Peace in the Middle East. Dayan is an advocate of the Two-State Solution and has contacts with the members of the PLO, as well as other Palestinian representatives.

After her time in the Knesset she became a member of Tel-Aviv’s City Council, where she is still serving. Dayan lives in Tel-Aviv with her husband and their two children.