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Faisal Husseini (Palestine)

Faisal Husseini was born in 1940 to a prominent family. His father, Abdelkader El- Husseini, was an Arab-Israeli War hero and his uncle was the Mufti of Jerusalem.
Husseini was a scholar and has studied in Baghdad, Cairo, Aleppo, and Damascus for a total of six years. In the time period 1966-67 he was an officer in the Palestinian Liberation Army. Since 1967 he has lived in occupied territory, where Yassir Arafat’s resistance had mounted. Husseini has been imprisoned a number of times, as well as having been under house arrest. He was one of the most prominent spokespeople of the Palestinians in occupied territories. Since the late 80s he has initiated discussions with Israelis. His efforts are viewed as having lead to the peaceful Two-State Solution proposal.

Husseini went on to create the Palestine Human Rights Information Center, in addition Husseini also established the Jerusalem National Council-Palestine in 1993 to discuss the future of Jerusalem. He often operated as the unofficial “foreign minister” of the PNA(Palestinian National Authority ). On May 31, 2001 Faisal Husseini died in Kuwait. At the time of his death he was traveling as the minister of Jerusalem affairs for the Palestine Authority.
Fasseini Husseini died in Kuwait on May 31, 2001. At the time of his death, he was traveling as the Palestinian Authority's Minister for Jerusalem Affairs.