Bruno Kreisky Foundation

for Human Rights

Liesl Frankl (Austria)

Liesl Frankl is known for her video documentary of escape, exile, and asylum from the period in between the two World Wars, up until the re-emergence of Austria.

Frankl has been working as a journalist since 1969 as the creator of TV, film, and video productions. Bruno Kreisky himself was exiled from Austria, after five months imprisonment by the Gestapo. The “Flüchtlingsalltag” is meant to analyze and compare the situation during and after the Anschluss. Terms such as escape, exile, asylum, home, and homecoming are critically as well as historically analyzed. The motto for the documentary is a quote from Bruno Kreisky:

“Whoever spends close to five years draining the bitter chalice of political harassment until its bitter dregs, will be overwhelmed when he finally treads the ground of a free country that gives him worth as a human being. Having lived through that only once, he will not lose his sense of freedom for the rest of his life.”