Bruno Kreisky Foundation

for Human Rights

The Human Rights Center in Poznan / Poznan Human Rights Center (Poland)

The Human Rights Center in Poznan, Poland researches and documents basic human rights issues in Poland. They collect research on all the important legal precedents set in the many human rights’ organizations. Some of these organizations are: Europarates, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, UNESCO and the International Labor Organization.

They assist with outlining amendments to the Polish constitution that focus on basic rights. The first set of findings were published in a pamphlet. Potential changes to the Polish Law System were also investigated after the European Human Rights’ Convention.

This was shortly before Poland joined the Convention. Judges, lawyers, and politicians worked together to change the laws to comply with the new regulations.

The Human Rights Center is also well known for having published a three volume work entitled “Human Rights: The Legal Model, System of Protection, and the Theory.” The first volume alone was approximately 1,600 pages.