Bruno Kreisky Foundation

for Human Rights

Frauensolidarität in der Dritten Welt / Women’s Solidarity in the Third-World (Austria)

Women’s Solidarity in the Third-World was developed in 1984, as an autonomous, feminist project. In Austria it comprises public and academic work, combined with concrete projects abroad. Their domestic work is the production of the only German- speaking newspaper on the topic of women in the third-world. They also finance events such as college summer school courses, and have done archiving of audiovisual materials. Their archive is also available for interested persons.

At the time of the prize ceremony their projects abroad focused on Latin America. They began creating housing for women and women’s projects in Nicaragua, in addition to women’s health projects in a quarter of the city of Santiago, Chile. More recently their efforts have been concentrated on Honduras. They also have a weekly radio program to gain support for women’s issues.
Currently, the organization's efforts are focused on Honduras. In 2011 a series of lectures on women's issues were offered at various institutions in Vienna. Topics discussed included immigrants and international women's rights. Third World Women's Solidarity also has a weekly radio show to get more support for women's issues.